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Fun with Food

Blue class have been exploring new foods as part of the Fun with Food session. These encourage pupils to try new foods that they were perhaps resistant to. 

Many children have difficulty at meal times because of their sensory needs. Children are 'fussy' eaters and avoid many foods. This may be because of their sensory needs or because they haven't developed eating skills. 

Staff have been working with occupational therapists to develop strategies to encourage pupils to explore foods and have fun with food. These activities take place outside of meal times in a fun way. Pupils can play with food and explore, so that they become more tolerant towards eating. 

Pupils experience new foods, textures and tastes. Some pupils resist food of certain colours and shapes and these session can help them try new food in a safe and happy environment.

Pupils are offered food in a sequence based on type. Starting with a comfortable favourite food (eg: crisps) moving through other groups: puree, carbohydrate, vegetable and protein.  A session may also be based on a shape or colour.

These photos show the session in Blue class, which also includes a preparation for the food - using our bodies and blowing bubbles before exploring hte food. 


  • ‘very impressed with the school’s clear sense of purpose in preparing its students for life after school. ’

    ASD report Dec 2017

  • ‘Pupils' relationships with adults are excellent, and they learn respect and appropriate behaviour from the staff. Pupils are accepting of each other’s varying needs, and show pleasure in each other’s successes.’

    Ofsted report


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