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Academy Consultation


1. Objectives

It is recognised by the Secretary of State and the DfE that the Governing Body and leadership team of a school are best placed to assess the benefits of academy status and to decide whether it is appropriate for their school. Therefore, the purpose of consultation is for the Governing Body to present the proposal to stakeholders, to gather feedback on the proposal and to understand the level of stakeholder interest, support and objection. The Governing Body can then determine whether there is any significant stakeholder objection to academy status that would cause them to reconsider.

The objective of consultation is for the Governing Body to meet its responsibilities under The Academies Act 2010 which sets out clearly the duty to consult with ‘appropriate stakeholders’. Following this, the Governing Body can then  decide whether to proceed with the proposal to convert to academy status and form the Epping Forest Schools Partnership Trust.

2.Consultation activity

Governors considered carefully consultation and activities were planned in accordance with the Public Sector Equality Duty.

Parents and staff received information on the proposal and were also invited to attend a consultation presentation.

The consultation letters  and information were published on the school website with the URL …



Time & Date

Parents &  carers

20th Feb 2018 2pm and 6pm


22nd May all staff TUPE consultation at Alderton Primary School - 4.30pm



3. Outcome

We had 2 parents attend at 2pm, no parents attended in the evening.


Questions arising from Parent Consultation on 20th  February 2018

Why should Oak View become an Academy.


Information sent out to all parents and on the website illustrating the reasons  - including Peer to peer support, economies of scale, sharing CPD, sharing resources, gaining more efficient running costs through negotiation of maintenance contracts, sharing training, and possible reduction in back office costs.

Staff questions

Questions from Staff Consultation on 22nd February 2018 – submitted to Cranwell for their summarisation.

  1. Are there any other SEN schools in the Mat.   -  Currently No
  2. Who will be the leaseholder of Oak View.  – the Governing body
  3. Do we have a sponsor at Oak View -        No
  4. Who has the duty of care over SEN – this will remain with each school in the first instance but overseen through safeguarding procedures through the leadership team and Safeguarding policy.
  5. What is Oak View’s top up for central services – compared to other schools. This has been negotiated at a cost per head which is different to the mainstream schools who will pay a percentage cost to the Academy to ensure a fairness of the use of resources.
  6. Will the Mat budget vary the costs to each school – the funding comes from DfE as before and will come direct to each school through the Mat account – there will be no change in funding from DfE
  7. Will admissions criteria for each school change – there will no difference – each school will maintain their own admissions policy.
  8. Will Pay remain in line with National agreement – this will not change.
  9. Will Teachers Pay and conditions continue as they currently are. There will be no change – each year the teacher’s pay and conditions are reviewed.
  10. Will terms and conditions of staff change – no change – TUPE process ensures that all contracts are maintained.
  11. Are Unions involved in the process – there is a meeting with Union reps on May 22nd  at Alderton Infant School followed by a meeting for all staff. Unions are invited to stay for the staff meeting.
  12. Will we get the 1% National Pay award – the Trust will follow the National Agreement for Pay and conditions
  13. Who will be in charge of catering/menus etc – will ECC still support. It is expected that there will not be any changes at this stage.
  14. If a school is short staffed will they take staff from another school. Each school will maintain their autonomy for staffing.
  15. How will it affect the working hours of staff not on a contract. Staff are employed by each school to meet the needs of that school, no change is expected.
  16. How will this affect paperwork and school holidays – there will be additional Admin paperwork however there will be no other changes.
  17. How benefical will it be if we are the only SEND school. The benefits for Oak View are;
  1.  that we will have ongoing support from our local Primary schools as we currently do through the consortium,
  2. we will have opportunities to develop the skills
  3. we will need to support the new profile of pupil who will be attending in the new extended provision,
  4. we can support the inclusion process and liaise with mainstream schools to develop closer working relationships and sharing of skills.
  1. Can you confirm information for pensions for new and old staff – no changes as we will be following TUPE guidelines in liaison with the unions.
  2. What are the main changes that will affect staff/classes – no change
  3. Will Oak View still have a senior leadership group – no change
  4. Will it affect different staff differently -no change
  5. Will staff be expected to work weekends and half terms – there is no change to staff contracts as they will transfer under TUPE regulations. – no change.
  6. Who will oversee all the current catering training – no change
  7. Will there be more pressure on the school to increase workload – No change
  8. As the only SEND school will the MAT consequently amend all the polices – any changes have to be agreed by the leadership group where all Head Teachers have a voice.
  9. Will we be more in control of the intake – the admissions process remains the same.
  10. If the school gains funding do we have to share it with other schools – no change – we keep any funding we raise as currently
  11. Will there be changes to the curriculum – no change
  12. Will we get offered redundancy – as contracts remain the same there is no requirement to make anyone redundant.
  13. Will it affect our sick pay or holiday pay – no change
  14. Will we be told the other schools in the group – yes
  15. Will jobs be advertised within the Academy – There will be an academy website to centralise information.
  16. If you take on a different role within the trust will your Ts and Cs remain the same – question for TUPE meeting in May
  17. There is a local Government pay offer which will be introduced over 3 years – will we be entitled to this – all pay and conditions are reviewed annually.
  18. Who are the Trustees – Information will be available to all staff.
  19. Will staff have to sign a new contract -The Tupe process ensures that all existing conditions of employment are carried forward.
  20. Does the CEO have experience of SEN – the CEO has to undertake an interview process with the Trustees to ensure they have the skills to lead the MAT.
  21. Why are all the schools in the Epping Forest Area not joining – each school makes their own decision based on their own individual circumstances.
  22. The Trustees are approved by the DfE to ensure they have the skills.
  23. Will we still have a governing body – all schools will keep their governing bodies.
  24. Will there be more funding. Funding will remain the same for all schools.
  25. Will it affect charity – all monies raised by each school will remain within that school.
  26. Will we change our name – no change.



4. Conclusion

The Governing Body has met its responsibilities under the Academies Act 2010 to consult with appropriate stakeholders. As a result of consultation, the Governing Body is satisfied that there is no objection that would make it reconsider the proposal to convert to academy status and join the Epping Forest Schools Partnership Trust.


  • ‘very impressed with the school’s clear sense of purpose in preparing its students for life after school. ’

    ASD report Dec 2017

  • ‘Pupils' relationships with adults are excellent, and they learn respect and appropriate behaviour from the staff. Pupils are accepting of each other’s varying needs, and show pleasure in each other’s successes.’

    Ofsted report


  • Oak View School story in the Epping Guardian...

  • Three events coming up Fri 20 Sept - Jeans for Genes day Also Fri 20 - Shelly's Walk, for Shelley, who worked at OV, parents welcome: 1:45 Lower school, 2pm Middle, 2:15 Upper. Tues 24th Sept 12-3 - New Building grand opening, parents and carers are invited.

  • Welcome back to Oak View School. Lots of events and special days this start, we have @jeansforgenesday on Friday 20th Sep. Wear jeans & bring a pound. Competition for best pupil dressed in denim.

  • Friday 19th 1:30 - leavers assembly and last assembly of the year. Also, opportunity to say goodbye to Di Ryan, head, who is leaving at the end of term.

  • The Oak View school hall is now available for hire after school, Mon-Thurs. Please contact Clive Turner or phone 0208 508 4293

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