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Communication & Literacy

We understand how important communication will be for pupils throughout their whole lives, this is why communication is at the core of school life and used throughout every element of the school day - in lessons, in the playground, at lunch times, walking down the corridor. From greeting in the morning to saying good bye at the end of the day, these are all opportunities for pupils to use communication. 

Every pupil has their own programme of communication tailored to their needs and their abilities. Alongside traditional reading and writing, we use many techniques that support our pupils, such as:

In all these, we use communication in a functional way, for example, choosing a meal at lunch times, following a recipe and reading symbol instructions to get ready for shopping.

We also have music therapy and and dance therapy, which enhance pupils' experience of communication.


Literacy lessons - writing
Communication in different environments


Responding to stimuli in the darkroom
Visuals and timetable strips
Communicating for a real purpose
Using communication in the community
Using PECS symbols
Role play and drama


Colourful semantics
Communication in the community


Communicating using symbols
Communicating using symbols
Signing with colourful semantics
Reacting to other 
Communication in the community
Colourful semantics
Colourful semantics
Communicating through play and cooperation
  • ‘very impressed with the school’s clear sense of purpose in preparing its students for life after school. ’

    ASD report Dec 2017

  • ‘Pupils' relationships with adults are excellent, and they learn respect and appropriate behaviour from the staff. Pupils are accepting of each other’s varying needs, and show pleasure in each other’s successes.’

    Ofsted report


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