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Middle School Curriculum

Middel School curriculum is based around nine themes. Each theme has lots of exciting activities and opportunities to learn different skills. Click on the topic to find out more.



Middle Movers is an initiative that has been devised for some pupils who require a personalised sensory curriculum. In this, pupils are given regular access the community in specially planned activities.


Communication is learnt in many differnt ways, including:

Using symbols

Work systems

Makaton signing



These are strategies, skills and areas of learning that are incorporated into the learning:

PMLD Therapies Attention autism
Physical skills Life skills Move programme
  Outdoor learning  





Animal Stories and Animal Art Stories about animals from around the world and create art. Linked to the explorer areas of forests, deserts, savanna, mountains, oceans and create art based on the animals.  (literacy, art, science, ICT, Geograph)

Animals in their environments. Exploring and experiencing environments and their weather. Learn how animals are adapted to their environment/habitat. Make environments. (literacy, science, ICT, Geography)

Weather and extreme weather. : Observe, experience, describe, understand different weathers. Understand what clothes to wear, dressing skills. Seasons, months, days of the week. (Geography, PHSE, numeracy)

Exploring using maps and compasses. Explore the local area, recognising places and features, being independent. (Geography, PHSE)



Stories and art about aliens (literacy, art, science, ICT, numeracy)

Astronauts Exploring and roleplay being an astronaut, weightlessness (drama, science, ICT, geography)

Planets, Moon, stars. Observe, experience, describe, understand - planets, crators, orbits. Recreate. (art, science, numeracy (seasons, day/night))

Rockets Learn about rockets, how they work, what they do. Make rockets. (Numeracy (shape), science)


Sensory stories about Ancient Greece and Rome (Literacy and communiction, history)

Temples of the gods: Exploring Ancient Greek places of worship. Building our own temples with shapes. (Art/DT, history numeracy (shape))

Roman art and mosaics. Explore and make art and mosaics. (art, history, numeracy (patterns)) 

Greek/Roman Banquets: prepare and engage in a banquet of Ancient Greek foods/drinks (Food technology, science, PHSE, literacy (reading and instructions)

Ancient Music Listen and make music and musical instruments, (Music, ICT, PHSE (turn taking, sharing), DT)


China, India, Middle East, South America

Make a magic carpet to travel the world. Explore designs, patterns and materials. (Art/DT, numeracy (shapes, patterns), science, sensory)

Stories from different counties and cultures. (literacy, geography, RE, art)

Religions from around the world (EE: Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism)

Clothes, costumes and art from different countries and cultures (art/DT, PHSE, music, drama: Dressing up and making costumes).

Market places Numeracy, problem solving, physical skills based around the book My Granny Went to Market. 


Sensory stories about the ocean and all the animals that live there. (literacy, science)

Making boats from objects/materials that float, explore materials (Numeracy, art, science) 

Themed counting/number songs. Numeracy and music: PHSE, drama, art , music:

A Day at the Seaside: roleplay. (numeracy, problem solving and physical skills:

Making sandcastles (numeracy, problem solving and physical skills)

Sensory play geography and Science


Sensory stories about food. (Food technology, literacy, numeracy, ICT)

Life painting fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices with smells. Recognising plants and features of plants. (science, art, cooking).

Themed counting/number songs

Shopping for food/drinks/ingredients/equipment

Prepare a meal to eat together. Social skills, working together, physical skills (PHSE, food technology)





  • ‘very impressed with the school’s clear sense of purpose in preparing its students for life after school. ’

    ASD report Dec 2017

  • ‘Pupils' relationships with adults are excellent, and they learn respect and appropriate behaviour from the staff. Pupils are accepting of each other’s varying needs, and show pleasure in each other’s successes.’

    Ofsted report


  • Reminder that tomorrow (Wednesday) is Christmas jumper day - and Christmas dinner

  • Green Class had a lovely time at Santa's Grotto at Northfield Nursery. See photos at

  • Green class making christmas trees - very independent work. Also playing with a very big keyboard from last week.

  • Our website has lots of links to great resources take a look and see what you can find! If you have any website you'd like to share, let us know and we can add it to our website.

  • Willow class made Christmas dinner for parents and staff. They prepared and cooked the food, laid the table beautifully, took orders and served food to us all. see story

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  • Green Class visit to Santa's Grotto

    Green class had a lovely day at Santa's Grotto at Nothfields Nursey. undefined

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  • Christmas dinner - Willow

    Willow class made Christmas dinner for parents and staff on Monday. They prepared and cooked the food, laid the table beautifully, took orders an...

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  • Tree Planting

    Lots of tree planting at Oak View this week - we are planting 119 trees, one for each pupil. Each child can watch their tree grow over the years. Tree...

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