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Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy

The physical needs of our pupils are very important and some pupils require specialist support on a daily basis. We work closely with physiotherapists and occupational therapists to provide support and to integrate the support into the curriculum.

One outcome of physiotherapy is to provide healthy living for pupils who are unable to access other types of learning, for example, cardio fitness exercise where pupils are unable to do this in other ways.

The overall aim is to improve or maintain each pupil’s physical health. This has a positive effect by:

  • Reducing risk of deterioration by maintain posture and strength.
  • Reduces the risk of surgery
  • Reduce pain and risk of pain
  • Access to new experiences
  • Improving alertness.

Physio is delivered through classroom activities using equipment where necessary. eg: learning whilst in standing frames.

One day a week we have two physios, an OT and an OT assistant at school. They provide:

  • assessments for physio and equipment
  • physio for pupils, physio programmes that can be done by staff in class
  • equipment, with training and support for staff using the equipment
  • Support for class staff, inc problem solving for positioning, handling and moving individual pupils and give advice for longer term outcomes
  • over the last year, physios developed hydrotherapy programmes, including how to transfer pupils safely to the pool.

Equipment includes specialist seating, standing frames, walking frames, hoists.

They have links with other NHS professionals as a larger team and also work closely with parents.

  • ‘very impressed with the school’s clear sense of purpose in preparing its students for life after school. ’

    ASD report Dec 2017

  • ‘Pupils' relationships with adults are excellent, and they learn respect and appropriate behaviour from the staff. Pupils are accepting of each other’s varying needs, and show pleasure in each other’s successes.’

    Ofsted report


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