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Staff Training and Skills

We give all staff training to develop their skills for working with pupils with special needs. We understand how important it is that staff have all the skills they need and are always developing those skills, We also keep up to date with new developments.

This is some of the training related to pupils and their learning:

Induction training

All new staff attend all our comprehensive induction training programme. We are pleased that many staff join us with a great deal of experience - and they still do the induction training to ensure they work to our standards.

The induction training covers:

TEACHH - structured teaching - teaching strategies based on the learning characteristics of individuals with ASD, including strengths in visual information processing

SCERTS - educational model for working with children with ASD, based around Social Communication, Emotional Regulation, Transactional Support

Sensory Integration and Sensory room: learning to support children who have difficulty processing information received through their senses.

Off-Site working: how to safely take pupils into the community.

Intensive Interaction: an approach for helping people with learning disabilities or autism who are at early levels of development.

Colourful Semantics and PECs:  structured methods of symbol communication

Attention Autism:  a highly motivating and creative approach to building attention and early communication skills through four stages of development.

Personal Care: how to safely and respectfully carry out personal care, taking into account the complex needs of our pupils. 

Behaviour strategies including our 5P plans.

Essex Steps: behaviour management using Essex Steps (6 hours)

PMLD / AAC training: learning about the care and learning of pupils with profound learning difficulties. 
Social stories and comic strip conversation: communicating with pupils in a structured and visual way.

ASD introduction Understanding autism.

Makaton signing - introduction to Makaton signing.

Manual Handling: how to safely move pupils who require support with moving and how to use equipment.

Specialised Training

Many staff have additional training in various skills according to pupils' needs.

Feeding and swallowing

Some pupils have needs relating to feeding and swallowing. Specialist speech and language therapists advise and train our staff on safe feeding. This include textures of foods, specialised equipment and good communication during feeding.

Specialised feeding

Nurse train and support staff for more specialised feeding that some pupils require. 


Staff are trained and become skilled in various teaching skills relating to special needs, examples are: communication techniques (PECS, TEACCH).


Training in language development of children and young people with learning difficulties, giving strategies to help children maximise their speech, language and communication.

Administering medical support

Training is given by medical professionals for staff working with pupils who have medical needs. The training is based on each pupil's needs (eg: for allergies/epipen, epilepsy, feeding and swallowing, etc) 

Moving and positioning, ​​​​​and Physio/O.T. equipment

Using specialised equipment  (eg: standing frames) and following programmes of work.

Other training

Staff are learning and develop skills and knowledge all the time by reading and researching and then sharing this knowledge with others. It is from this learning that many new and useful initiatives have started, (eg: Zones of Regulation) 

There are ad-hoc training sessions for teachers and TAs throughout the year at the school, for example well-being, life-guarding.

The most significant learning for teachers and TAs is learning from each other and spreading good practice through the school.

Training other schools

Oak View staff train other schools' staff in autism practice.

First Aid

Approximately 30 staff are trained paediatric first aiders or first aiders.


All staff attend safeguarding training every year. In addition, three staff (head and the two assistant heads, are trained at level 3. We ensure there is always at least one level 3 trained staff at school at all times. 

  • ‘very impressed with the school’s clear sense of purpose in preparing its students for life after school. ’

    ASD report Dec 2017

  • ‘Pupils' relationships with adults are excellent, and they learn respect and appropriate behaviour from the staff. Pupils are accepting of each other’s varying needs, and show pleasure in each other’s successes.’

    Ofsted report


  • Oak View School story in the Epping Guardian...

  • Three events coming up Fri 20 Sept - Jeans for Genes day Also Fri 20 - Shelly's Walk, for Shelley, who worked at OV, parents welcome: 1:45 Lower school, 2pm Middle, 2:15 Upper. Tues 24th Sept 12-3 - New Building grand opening, parents and carers are invited.

  • Welcome back to Oak View School. Lots of events and special days this start, we have @jeansforgenesday on Friday 20th Sep. Wear jeans & bring a pound. Competition for best pupil dressed in denim.

  • Friday 19th 1:30 - leavers assembly and last assembly of the year. Also, opportunity to say goodbye to Di Ryan, head, who is leaving at the end of term.

  • The Oak View school hall is now available for hire after school, Mon-Thurs. Please contact Clive Turner or phone 0208 508 4293

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